Sunday, September 6, 2015

WR Sun 6 Sep 2015 1) Eight of Cups: Failure
2) [R] The Chariot: Willpower
3) Mother of Swords: Mystery
4) [R] Daughter of Wands: Luxury
5) Seven of Wands: Courage
6) The Star: Hope
7) Six of Wands: Victory

1: Creative Influence: Giving more than is received, loss of hope & losing the internal battle to take action.
2: Physical Influence: Creating one’s own failure through inaction, a lack of willingness to grow, being defeated.
3: Emotional Influence: Appearance of being strong & balanced on the surface, fear of judgment, someone who is or could be a great councilor.
4: Mental Influence: Being too serious all the time gives way to depression, steps on other to climb the social ladder, will break anyone’s heart for hers is already broken.
5: Spiritual Influence: Aggressive problem solving, only a small gain after much effort, holding fast against many others.
6: Feminine Influence: Being filled with faith & inspiration, progressive thinking, returning to basics.
7: Masculine Influence: Advancement resulting from personal effort, heart is lifted to new heights, having an inspirational attitude

This is not a good week for creative works. While some of these cards are depressing almost to the point of being crippling there are indications that there is someone who can be turned to for advice, but beware the sharp tongued gossip, she will spring on you if she senses weakness that may elevate her standing in her askew perspective. This councilor is very intuitive & can help balance the emotions which will be an assets to keep despair from blocking the path. The spirit is strong at this time, go with it, you need to harness that strength & press forward. Both the feminine & masculine influences in this week’s reading are very positive cards, let hope for the future guide your steps & you will be triumphant in the end.

DD Sun 6 Sep 2015 The Hermit: Reflection

This is a good time to meditate & seek truth within. Sometimes we must take a moment to step back from the pressures of day to day life to reflect on meaning. Take some time to work on your inner light this day.

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