Sunday, September 13, 2015

WR Sun 13 Sep 2015 1) [R] Three of Cups: Overflowing
2) [R] The Fool: Beginnings
3) Son of Cups: Seeker
4) Aeon: Rebirth
5) The Multiverse: Unbound
6) Mother of Swords: Mystery
7) The Wheel of Fortune: Chance

1: Creative Influence – Excess in all things; going overboard & overly indulgent; courting severe illness.
2: Physical Influence – Hesitation & creating delay; turning away from new opportunities; starting many projects but finding it difficult to finish any.
3: Emotional Influence – Not fully committed to the goal(s); lacking direction for the creative imagination; very emotional.
4: Mental Influence – Painful awakening; birth of a new project or idea after much hard work; moving toward higher goals while painfully letting go of the old ways.
5: Spiritual Influence – Many choices present themselves; be detailed with your chosen path; many choices look similar but the long-term outcomes will be very different.
6: Feminine Influence – The ability to see through illusion; will flee from scrutiny as she fears judgment; a great adviser.
7: Masculine Influence – Unpredictable turn of events; time to take a chance; be passionate, don’t wait.

Creativity is running rampant, but in this unchecked form it is more in the way than it is productive. Much could be accomplished within the real of the material world, but finding it very difficult to move forward at this time. Emotions are all over the place, much like the creative energies, they are wild & totally out of proportion to the situation & events that are present. It will be difficult but a change of perspective needs to take place. So many options are on the table at this time, you will need to be very specific about your goals & expectations to put yourself on the path that is right for you. This would be a great time to seek the advice of someone who will be able to see the situation more clearly. Take action, things need to happen now, the outcome may be positive or negative, but all will be as it should be.

DD Sun 13 Sep 2015 The Devil: Temptation

This card indicates destructive relationships. Many obstacles are present, perhaps the biggest one is the voice telling you that you are nothing. Could also be an indication of selfishness. Take the time to meditate on the things going on in your life, this card is a warning that you need to make a change however painful or impossible it may seem at this time.

I have noticed that all of the daily draws for this past week were distinctly negative. I try not to focus on any particular individual, so that my readings will be relevant to a larger audience, but in this case I believe my cards homed in on things that were occurring within my family. I did not learn of any of the particulars until Thursday, but suffice it to say that the bulk of it concerns the health & welfare of my Grammy (she’s my grandmother on my mother’s side). Things are starting to look better on that front but we’ll see how it goes for real. I also have to admit to going through a difficult financial time of late & I’m having a lot of difficulty finding a new job, needless to say I am very concerned for my future & that of my family. So I issue an apology for my own turbulent times presenting themselves in readings that have no real anchor. When I do readings for a specific person that gives the cards a clearer direction & renders it very unlikely that they will air my business in the reading, lol. Anyhow, I wish you a wonderful day. 😉

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