Sunday, September 27, 2015

WR Sun 27 Sep 2015 1) [R] Three of Stones: Work
2) Three of Swords: Mourning
3) [R] The Tower: Demolition
4) [R] Seven of Stones: Failure
5) The Multiverse: Unbound
6) The Lovers: Relationship
7) [R] Eight of Wands: Swiftness

1: Creative Influence – Difficulty applying oneself to labors; trouble with work; not making a serious effort
2: Physical Influence – Heartbreak & sadness over current events; separation from those you need; delaying actions
3: Emotional Influence – A major shakeup, but destruction is not complete; repressing thoughts & feelings; small mistakes
4: Mental Influence – Hard work & determination start to melt away the coldness of past failures; slight movement toward better things; through extreme effort the beginning of a fresh start is created
5: Spiritual Influence – Many choices are ahead, trust yourself to select the correct one for you; be detailed in your path selection; direct your energies toward your best possible future
6: Feminine Influence – Emotional fulfillment; taking a higher path; unity
7: Masculine Influence – Interruption of forward movement; hasty actions bring negative results; postponed or canceled

Creative energies are suffering, perhaps indicating writers block (or something similar for other art forms), something keeps calling you away from these pursuits. There might be a physical barrier, like distance, separating you from those that you love & there is a clear need to take care of the financial resources that are currently present. Some major event that is nearly emotionally shattering has a possibility, but it could instead mean that you are clinging to a situation that is not emotionally good for you as the fear of changing it is overwhelming. Working on purely intellectual projects is helping to create a turning point where the situation will certainly improve. The spiritual journey this week is filled with options & opportunities, fulfillment can be found when you allow yourself to follow the path you feel is most suited to you, especially in the long-term outcome of the road you choose to take. There is a union/partnership that has wonderful potential, this may or may not be of a romantic nature. Take care to choose actions wisely after much consideration, as those actions taken without the benefit of forethought are likely to blow up in your face.

DD Sun 27 Sep 2015 [R] Four of Wands: Perfection

Indicates that there are obstacles causing delays. Problems & flaws may begin to surface relation to ongoing projects. The time is not right to take action. A feeling (& possible fact) that you are moving in an unproductive direction. With the implications of today’s card I believe that the day should be spent reconnecting to your inner self & reflect on solutions that can be later implemented to clear obstacles from the path.

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