Sunday, October 11, 2015

WR Sun 11 Oct 2015 1) Father of Swords: Leadership
2) [R] Nine of Cups: Fortune
3) Four of Wands: Perfection
4) Mother of Stones: Perception
5) [R] The Star: Hope
6) Four of Cups: Mixed Emotion
7) [R] Eight of Wands: Swiftness

1: Creative Influence – a born leader with an active, forceful intellect; overcautious once established; inspiring rather than frightening
2: Physical Influence – overspending & bad credit; taking advantage of hospitality; money mistakes
3: Emotional Influence – coming together of family in love & abundance; wholeness; health & prosperity
4: Mental Influence – evolved consciousness; appreciation of tradition; able to enjoy the best in life
5: Spiritual Influence – hope is present, despite the clouds of disappointment; foolish, clumsy actions; unrealistic & unbalanced
6: Feminine Influence – feeling weary & dissatisfied; all seems boring & too familiar; wanting new goals but unsure of which direction to move in
7: Masculine Influence – interruption of forward movement; issues become complex & thorny; swift action brings negative consequences

Creatively speaking your works have a high degree of intellect reflected in them, if you are an established artist I would suggest stepping out of your comfort zone. This is not a good week to consider new investments & definitely a time to watch your spending. In the realm of emotion there is a feeling of wholeness & abundance as loved ones surround you. Intellectually this is an epic time to explore new thoughts & ideas. There is a feeling of spiritual dissatisfaction, perhaps a need for reinvigoration of the soul. Due to both the feminine & masculine influences being difficult I would suggest waiting to get involved in new relationships. For women, you need to spice things up & really spend some time considering what is really important to you. For men, your probably experiencing a difficult time, don’t rush through these issues, take the time to measure your responses before you take any action.

DD Sun 11 Oct 2015 [R] Three of Cups: Overflowing

Today seems to be a day of excess & overindulgence. There is little appreciation for what is already in your possession. If taken too far happiness can dry up & be replaced by bitterness. Perhaps a good time to step back & reevaluate, a little indulgence every now & then is a good thing, but too much can be very bad.

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