Sunday, October 18, 2015

WR Sun 18 Oct 2015 1) [R] Father of Swords: Leadership
2) Daughter of Stones: Possibilities
3) [R] Three of Wands: Virtue
4) [R] Two of Cups: Love
5) Ten of Cups: Success
6) [R] Daughter of Cups: Connection
7) [R] Son of Swords: Fairness

1: Creative Influence – Pursuing issues to ruin; conflict & selfishness; creates disturbances for personal amusement
2: Physical Influence – A student or scholar reaching out for knowledge; well-schooled ability to improvise; opportunities are ready to explode
3: Emotional Influence – Falling out of harmony with life; not knowing who you really are; bad self-serving choices
4: Mental Influence – Love that brings no joy; inability to trust your partner; misunderstandings
5: Spiritual Influence – Reconnecting to one’s old self; arriving at your true home; success in what really matters
6: Feminine Influence – Selfish & idle; unable to distinguish between reality & fantasy; makes empty promises easily
7: Masculine Influence – Conceited & foolish; one mistake after another; blinded by ambitions

Creativity is being stifled by an obsession with a subject matter that is beyond difficult. Possibilities open as you partake of the cup of knowledge. This week will possibly be an emotionally tumultuous time, or locked in emotional ambiguity. Thought processes are being disrupted by the noted emotional disturbances of the week, it’s very difficult to find focus. Spiritually this is a perfect time to reconnect with your divine spark, the effort will be rewarding. Both the women & men that surround you this week are self-absorbed & wrapped up in their own selfish pursuits that might lead to your ruin if you’re not careful.

DD Sun 18 Oct 2015 The Magician: Transmutation

Today is a time of high energy & the ability to manifest what is needed in whatever situations present themselves. Ingenious solutions present themselves for a variety of problems. Ability to project imagination into the world with powerful results.

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