Sunday, November 1, 2015

WR Sun 1 Nov 2015 1) Six of Swords: Science
2) Son of Swords: Fairness
3) Eight of Cups: Failure
4) [R] Two of Wands: Dominion
5) Mother of Swords: Mystery
6) Daughter of Swords: Confidence
7) [R] Father of Swords: Leadership

1: Creative Influence – Information comes to the surface; clearly seeing all parts of the situation; mental clarity
2: Physical Influence – Finding innovative solutions to everyday problems; ability to perceive things differently; bubbling over with new ideas
3: Emotional Influence – Being emotionally drained; too shy to take action; time to chose a new direction
4: Mental Influence – Lost faith in self; giving up; misuse of powers for selfish ends
5: Spiritual Influence – Deep perception; complete honesty; easily enraptures but very difficult to understand
6: Feminine Influence – Positive female leadership; devotion to family & community; sees the details in every situation no matter how small
7: Masculine Influence – Pursuing the issue to ruin; one who does not care for others; misuse of intellectual powers

This week’s reading is very courtly & sword heavy, swords are representative of air & in my tradition this relates directly to mental acuity. Creative projects are enhanced by mental clarity & being well informed. In the realm of the material innovative solutions will be found to those problems that present themselves this week & new ideas will help set the stage for worldly gains. While prospects are very bright in many areas there is a situation that is draining you emotionally. Mental clarity is very high according to many of the cards present in this spread but it is difficult to keep faith in the self alive, there is a definite struggle with inner demons going on, particularly the demon of self-doubt. Mystery is the very embodiment of spiritual pursuits, there is an intense fascination with spirituality this week. The feminine influence is that of a leader who thinks first of her family & community, all who surround her are important to her plans. The masculine influence is obsessed with personal gain & does not know when to drop an issue, there is little to no compassion to be found in this figure.

DD Sun 1 Nov 2015 Daughter of Stones: Possibilities

I notice Sunday’s card is yet another court card, this time stones, representative of material things (in simplistic terms). Numerous opportunities are present & about to erupt all about you. Deep concentration & study brings good information to the surface. Could also represent a woman who holds sacred knowledge. You are standing at the mouth of many paths.

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