Sunday, November 15, 2015

WR Sun 15 Nov 2015 1) The Star: Hope
2) [R] Three of Stones: Work
3) Alchemy: Restraint
4) [R] The Fool: Beginnings
5) [R] Five of Swords: Defeat
6) The Multiverse: Unbound
7) [R] Mother of Wands: Creator

1: Creative Influence – Hope & optimism; being filled with faith & inspiration; creativity flows from progressive thinking
2: Physical Influence – Work isn’t going well; dissatisfied & bored with work; problems with money
3: Emotional Influence – Love of being free; making progress, step by step; not a time for extremes, take a moderate path
4: Mental Influence – Difficulty trusting your instincts; hesitating & creating delay; reckless action & folly
5: Spiritual Influence – A change in plans is required; disadvantage; being seen as inadequate
6: Feminine Influence – Having the key to opening new doors; connection to a higher path; many possibilities are open
7: Masculine Influence – Dangerous emotions; paranoid & hurtful when speaking of others; emotional blackmailer

Inspiration flows through your creative works this week. Work is disappointing, it may imply that you work very hard for little to no reward or that you commit minimal effort that is not up to snuff. Emotionally this is a good week, things are progressing well on this front, remember to take things in moderation. Plans of an intellectual nature may be especially reckless & foolish, take care not to rush into things. This might be a good time to meditate on changing your spiritual direction as the current path is no longer fulfilling you. The feminine side of things has many opportunities opening up all around. The masculine side is mired in paranoia & jelousy.

DD Sun 15 Nov 2015 [R] Daughter of Wands: Luxury

Depression springs from taking everything too seriously all the time. Her news always makes those she delivers it to feel bad. Elevates herself at the expense of others. A domineering person who will push anyone near into submission.

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