Sunday, November 29, 2015

WR Sun 29 Nov 2015 1) [R] Ten of Swords: Ruin
2) Mother of Stones: Perception
3) Daughter of Swords: Confidence
4) [R] Mother of Swords: Mystery
5) [R] Death: Endings
6) [R] Seven of Cups: Illusions of Success
7) Aeon: Rebirth

1: Creative Influence – A small gain; balanced thinking; starting the path back to inner strength
2: Physical Influence – Prosperity & oneness; able to enjoy the best in life; generosity & wealth
3: Emotional Influence – Devotion to family & community; quality insight; loving presence in difficult encounters
4: Mental Influence – Clever & malicious; bigoted & hateful; desire for privacy becomes destructive
5: Spiritual Influence – Resisting change; unable to move forward; feeling constricted
6: Feminine Influence – Giving up foolish desires & facing reality; making choices based on solid evidence; determination to pull yourself up & do what must be done to rejoin truth
7: Masculine Influence – A painful awakening; release of old ways & ideas that no longer serve; moving toward higher goals

Beginning a path to recovering your inner fire & restoration of creative drive. This is a good week for material pursuits as they are likely to be rewarding. Finding emotional stability in family & community; letting the purity your insight guide you. Someone is using their intellectual powers with cruel intentions, perhaps against you. The feminine influence shows a return to reality & taking steps to reclaim truth. The masculine influence is similar to the feminine, but is more painful of a turning point to move toward greater meaning.

DD Sun 29 Nov 2015 The Devil: Temptation

Temptation & false relationships. Solutions turn sour. Bad outcomes are probable. Feeling of hopelessness pervading everything. Many difficulties arise & are welcome as challenges at first. Chained to hollow pain & pleasure.

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