Sunday, December 6, 2015

WR 6 Dec 2015 1) Four of Stones: Power of the Earth
2) Three of Stones: Work
3) Ace of Swords: Cognition
4) [R] Father of Swords: Leadership
5) [R] Ace of Stones: Abundance
6) [R] Mother of Stones: Perception
7) The Moon: Dreams

1: Creative Influence – Unlimited power to accomplish your goals; bursting forth with creativity; seeing how all is connected
2: Physical Influence – Master in your field; work is going well; you have many skills that can bring wonderful success
3: Emotional Influence – Piercing through the fog & finding the answer; illumination of the real; directing intent
4: Mental Influence – Pursuing the issue to ruin; enjoys creating disturbances to watch what happens; misuse of intellectual powers
5: Spiritual Influence – Gain without satisfaction; success based on unethical practices; being tricked by fools gold
6: Feminine Influence – A grasping nature, never has enough; lost connection to the basics of life; creates suspense & drama
7: Masculine Influence – Answers are unclear; deeply held issues are finally surfacing; unforeseen events cause many changes

Manifesting your intense creativity through your projects. Your hard work & dedication are paying of in the realm of the material. Emotionally this is an optimal time for an epiphany as clarity reigns in this area. You could be nitpicking an issue to the point of disaster, there is also a possibility that someone is using their intellect against you. This may be a time of disillusionment on a spiritual path that previously filled you with hope. If this dramatic, grasping woman is you, you really need to reevaluate your approach to life at this time, if this is not you, be cautious in your dealings with her. In the masculine arena there are issues rising to the surface that need to be dealt with & while the solutions are unclear this is something that must be worked on as the developments are well worth your efforts.

DD Sun 6 Dec 2015 Justice: Balance

Could possibly indicate legal troubles, should this be the case it will resolve in fair & balanced ruling. This is a time to step back & evaluate the situation honestly. Make sure that you’re aligned with truth. A good time to carefully look over existing agreements as others have already done so.

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