Sunday, December 20, 2015

WR 20 Dec 20151) Father of Stones: Guardian
2) [R] The Star: Hope
3) [R] Five of Cups: Disappointment
4) [R] Four of Swords: Truce
5) Ace of Swords: Cognition
6) The Devil: Temptation
7) [R] Three of Stones: Work

1: Creative Influence – High character, who brings out the best in others; loyalty; great love for nature
2: Physical Influence – There is still hope through the disappointment; ungrounded & standoffish; foolish & clumsy actions
3: Emotional Influence – Hope for the future; refinding old true friends who offer help; recovering from sadness & depression
4: Mental Influence – Returning to the world; expanding & growing; action is now required
5: Spiritual Influence – Piercing through the chaos to find the answer; crown of enlightenment; illumination
6: Feminine Influence – Being tempted from your path; false relationships; chained to the material
7: Masculine Influence – Work isn’t going well; money problems; not making an effort

A love of nature empowers & flows through your creative works. Material struggles, but there is hope, the situation can still improve. Emotionally reconnecting with friends, some of them may have been long lost. Time to expand your horizons & reapply your mental powers to the world. This is a great week for spiritual explorations, truth is illuminated before you. The feminine influence could mean that there is a woman tempting you from your course, or that you as a female are bound to a false relationship (this could be a relationship with possessions or with a person). The masculine energies are struggling with work & it’s creating financial issues.

DD Sun 20 Dec 2015 The High Priestess: Meditation

This is a time to meditate & look inward. Reconnecting with your inner knowledge. Be comfortable with mystery. Do not analyze the situation, use your quiet intuition to solve the problem. This card has a lot of maternal nurturing to it, my family is celebrating Yule today, which has my mother presiding over the family traditions. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! 😉

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