Sunday, December 27, 2015

WR 27 Dec 20151) The Devil: Temptation
2) [R] The Hierophant: Tradition
3) [R] The Star: Hope
4) Son of Swords: Fairness
5) Ten of Cups: Success
6) [R] Ace of Swords: Cognition
7) [R] Ten of Wands: Oppression

1: Creative Influence – Solutions turn sour; bad outcomes; being tempted astray
2: Physical Influence – A giver of bad advice; unbound by tradition; quick to renounce anything & everything
3: Emotional Influence – A glimmer of hope through clouds of bitterness & disappointment; foolish & clumsy actions; unrealistic & unbalanced
4: Mental Influence – Mental power to find innovative solutions to everyday problems; ability to perceive things differently; new ideas bubble forth
5: Spiritual Influence – Reconnecting to one’s old self; respect, honesty & virtue; being surrounded by loved ones
6: Feminine Influence – A violent self-destructive temper; an intellect that gets in the way of finding solutions; possible ill health
7: Masculine Influence – Letting the bars of your jail fall away; freeing your mind; self-rule

Perhaps you’re being tempted into an “easier” outlet for your creative energies, this does not work out well. Beware of people offering advice about your worldly concerns, while it could be an advantage to approach things in an unorthodox fashion all offered advice should be taken with a grain of salt. While there is still a possibility of a good emotional outcome with the situation it is best to make sure your expectations are not too far-fetched. Despite the mire presented by many of the cards this is a great week for mental clarity & finding unique solutions to the problems you are presented with. Spiritually this is a great time for self-reflection & rediscovering your inner divine spark. The feminine energies indicate possible illness, unfortunately you will probably also find yourself having to deal with a woman who isn’t interested in solutions, just tripping you up on finding what you need. The masculine potential is wonderfully freeing, perhaps even related to the self-rediscovery indicated in the spiritual influence.

DD Sun 27 Dec 2015[R] Son of Cups: Seeker

There is a feeling of resentment relating to the giving up of one’s dreams for practical concerns. A need exists to be more active in the situation at hand, watching from the sidelines does not benefit you in any way. Be cautious with tricky people that surround you, one or more may be trying to swindle you or others. One who easily lies & is uninterested in truth.

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