Sunday, January 3, 2016

WR 3 Jan 20161) [R] Three of Swords: Mourning
2) [R] Aeon: Rebirth
3) Mother of Stones: Perception
4) [R] Son of Swords: Fairness
5) Ace of Swords: Cognition
6) The Devil: Temptation
7) [R] The Star: Hope

1: Creative Influence – Resisting feelings of sadness; prolonging the healing process
2: Physical Influence – Huge energy being expended resisting renewal; rebirth is still coming but you’re dead set against it; clinging to the old ways
3: Emotional Influence – Calm & serene; a charitable soul; a good friend when times are tough
4: Mental Influence – Conceit; mistake after mistake; blinded by ambition
5: Spiritual Influence – Piercing through the fog to find answers; illumination of the real; directed intent
6: Feminine Influence – Tempted from your path; chained to hollow pleasure & pain; selfishness
7: Masculine Influence – Glimmer of hope through clouds of disappointment; unrealistic & unbalanced; foolish, clumsy actions

There is a lot of potential for healing through creative works, but those feelings are being blocked due to their painful nature. An aggressive desire to continue doing things exactly the same way, even when your market or audience needs a renewal. While there may be upheaval within other influences you’re serene & emotionally giving. Intellectual conceit, believing that you’re smarter than everyone else & creating your own downfall. Spiritually promising, there is amazing potential for the seeker of wisdom & insight. If your a woman you are struggling with temptation to leave the path you’ve set yourself on, if you’re a man then a woman may be trying to lead you astray, neither of these bring good outcomes. The masculine influence indicates extreme disappointment, but possibilities toward betterment, you have to find the light to shine on your way.

DD Sun 3 Jan 2016Ten of Cups: Success

Despite the general negative feel to the week’s reading today is a good day. Reconnecting to your old self & walking back to family. Having the security of being surrounded by loved ones. Long lasting relationships & solid family life.

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