Sunday, January 10, 2016

WR 10 Jan 20161) Four of Cups: Mixed Emotions
2) Seven of Stones: Failure
3) [R] Mother of Stones: Perception
4) [R] Three of Cups: Overflowing
5) [R] Father of Wands: Intelligence
6) [R] Nine of Cups: Fortune
7) Eight of Cups: Failure

1: Creative Influence – Boredom; craving stimulation; things look more difficult than they are
2: Physical Influence – Business problems; declining health; sick feeling of inertia
3: Emotional Influence – Grasping nature, never has enough; driven by fear of failure; feeling of being in a maze
4: Mental Influence – Going overboard; envy; excess in all things
5: Spiritual Influence – Wild ideas with no basis in fact; intolerant of others; manipulates the truth
6: Feminine Influence – Taking advantage of another’s hospitality; vanity; money mistakes
7: Masculine Influence – Drained emotions; surrender; too shy to take action

This is going to be a rough week with more pitfalls than anything else, careful navigation of the hurdles will lead to the best of all possible outcomes. Creativity is stifled, things seem difficult while wrestling with boredom. Difficulties stem from money issues & there is a possibility that an illness will manifest, perhaps personally or someone close to you. A feeling of being locked in an emotional maze that seems nearly impossible to navigate. Too much focusing on that which is just out of reach rather than forming an effective plan to achieve your goals. What appears to be truth may in fact be manipulated falsehood. The feminine energies this week are more of a gold digger, beware this person or attitude. The masculine influence is overwrought, because of the pummeling life has been dishing out lately he’s on the verge of giving up.

DD Sun 10 Jan 2016The Hermit: Reflection

Perhaps an indication that upcoming choices should be carefully weighed before taking possible disastrous action (making reference to the weekly reading above). It’s time to seek truth within. Throwing of illusion for the rewards of a spiritual life. Discovering what is real & what is not. Could mean that a teacher or guide comes to you aid. Having the strength to ask others for wisdom & meditating on their counsel.

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