Sunday, January 17, 2016

WR 17 Jan 20161) [R] Death: Endings
2) [R] The High Priestess: Meditation
3) The Empress: Femininity
4) Son of Cups: Seeker
5) Eight of Swords: Interference
6) Six of Stones: Success
7) Mother of Swords: Mystery

1: Creative Influence – Resisting change; taking no action; stagnation
2: Physical Influence – Time to take action & be a part of community; commit to the goal; drawing people to you
3: Emotional Influence – Great emotional content; positive expressions of love; wielding power in a feminine way
4: Mental Influence – Unsure of direction; can be easily led; may indicate opportunities, new projects, or social invitations & advancement
5: Spiritual Influence – Blocks & obstacles; censorship; point of crisis
6: Feminine Influence – One step at a time toward success; looking inward & remembering your dreams; pace yourself
7: Masculine Influence – Complex intelligence; cutting through illusion; fear of judgment

Creatively you feel as though you’re stagnating as you’ve fallen into a bit of a rut & are apathetic about digging your way out. In the realm of the material it is time to take action toward your goals, build your team & get things done. This week is emotionally fulfilling & permeated by love. Difficulty figuring out which direction you should put your mental focus, but something new is on the horizon. Spiritually this week presents a lot of difficulties, these could be real or perceived, either way you are experiencing a bit of a crisis that needs to be addressed rather than shied away from. The feminine influence is buckling down & actively pursuing her dreams, take it one step at a time. There is some fear of judgment from others, but he has the power to look beyond the general bs & find the truth.

DD Sun 17 Jan 2016The Empress: Femininity

Most likely this card represents a woman, perhaps you or a female close to you, like a mother, sister, daughter, close friend, or coworker. Of course there are characteristics of this card that could apply to any gender associations one might have; could also indicate someone in your life that is something of a muse for you. One who is motherly without losing her sensual nature. Meditations bring forth creativity. Giving birth to new ideas. Positive emotional expressions of love. There is a possibility of a pregnancy.

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