Sunday, January 31, 2016

WR 31 Jan 20161) [R] Ace of Wands: Passion
2) Eight of Wands: Swiftness
3) The Universe: Oneness
4) [R] Death: Endings
5) [R] Four of Cups: Mixed Emotions
6) [R] Justice: Balance
7) [R] Daughter of Stones: Possibilities

1: Creative Influence – Listless & foggy; feeling empty; fear of moving forward
2: Physical Influence – Cessation of delay; abrupt shift toward advancement; new information arrives
3: Emotional Influence – Successful completion of task; reflection of self in seeds planted long ago; happy, calm & secure in the fruits of your labors
4: Mental Influence – Stagnation; unable to move forward; feeling constricted
5: Spiritual Influence – New & exciting options open up; the path ahead looks bright; things make themselves known & a new person enters your life
6: Feminine Influence – Complications in arbitration; inequity, prejudice & bias; shifting focus to create delay
7: Masculine Influence – Unrealistic viewpoints; opportunities are either not yet ready or ignored; easily distracted & having great difficulty focusing energies

Creativity is blocked & your having trouble finding inspiration. A gain in material matters is imminent, this is the time to take action & capitalize on opportunities. I get the feeling of parental pride when I look at The World being in the emotion position, though it could also be a reference in general to the emotional high we get when we accomplish a goal, particularly a difficult goal that took a long time to complete. Having trouble focusing thoughts this week, a change is needed but is being avoided. Spiritually there are great possibilities, you might meet a new teacher or perhaps a new friend who also enjoys exploring the metaphysical nature of things & joins you in this grand adventure. As I recall, this card, also in reverse, was the masculine influence last week, this week it is the feminine that is out of balance & potentially is suffering from legal issues or outright discrimination. The masculine influence this week is ungrounded, unrealistic & possibly bigoted & your energies just refuse to come into focus this week.

DD Sun 31 Jan 2016[R] Daughter of Cups: Connection

Possibly indicates a young female, given the gender & age range indicated by this court card. A selfish & idle person. Inability to distinguish between reality & fantasy. Prone to hateful gossip & lies, presented in a laughing manner. She doesn’t really take anything seriously. Makes promises easily, but has no intention of keeping them.

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