Sunday, February 7, 2016

WR 7 Feb 20161) Father of Wands: Intelligence
2) [R] Six of Stones: Success
3) Father of Cups: Fatherhood
4) Ace of Stones: Abundance
5) [R] Ten of Cups: Success
6) Ace of Wands: Passion
7) Mother of Swords: Mystery

1: Creative Influence – Genius; constant need to consume knowledge; intolerant of others weakness
2: Physical Influence – Be careful; losing sight of what brought your initial success; fear of taking a chance
3: Emotional Influence – Basks in recognition of achievements; an intense angry side; idealism
4: Mental Influence – Feeling of soaring; growth; profound connection to nature
5: Spiritual Influence – Disputes; people leave suddenly; imposing outside influence causes disruptions
6: Feminine Influence – Life force; creation of new ideas; new beginnings
7: Masculine Influence – Complex intelligence; cuts through illusion; quick witted

Translating accumulated knowledge into creative expressions, though you may get distracted with a need to consume even more knowledge, lol. Things are a little rocky in the realm of the material, it is best to carefully weigh your options before taking risks, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid all risk. Emotionally this is a week of idealism, you may need to look for constructive outlets for an underlying anger & you may just find a bit of that recognition you crave, even if it is only from loved ones. This week seems especially balanced on the intellectual side & is a time of growth. Spiritually there is a disruption that must be dealt with, it is possible that the differences it illustrates cannot be reconciled & you may need to begin a new spiritual journey. The feminine is powerful during this time, creativity flows & you may meet someone new, don’t be afraid to use the life force you feel flowing about & through you at this time. The masculine is also doing well this week, revealing everything in a new light, though given the female nature of the card it can indicate that a woman is helping to bring these things about.

DD Sun 7 Feb 2016[R] Five of Wands: Defeat

Someone important to your day is obsessive about winning. Hardheadedness may cause legal problems. There is a general feeling of betrayal & the possibility that a friend may turn on you. Tricks or outright cheating may be resorted to. Take great care in your words & actions today, not everything is as it appears.

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