Sunday, February 14, 2016

WR 14 Feb 20161) [R] Two of Wands: Dominion
2) Nine of Cups: Fortune
3) The Fool: Beginnings
4) [R] Four of Cups: Mixed Emotion
5) [R] Death: Endings
6) [R] The Wheel of Fortune: Chance
7) [R] The High Priestess: Meditation

1: Creative Influence – Lost faith in ability to complete projects; dishonesty & deceit; giving up
2: Physical Influence – Good health; a bright, prosperous future; abundance
3: Emotional Influence – Moving forward in an unexpected way; moving to the next phase without looking back; optimism & joy
4: Mental Influence – New & exciting options open up; things make themselves known; new solutions
5: Spiritual Influence – Resisting change; unable to move forward; feeling constricted
6: Feminine Influence – Unwilling to take a chance; withdrawing from the world; fear of the future
7: Masculine Influence – Time to be active in life & the community; sharing what you’ve learned; commit to your goal

This week is a creative struggle, it’s difficult to find faith in yourself to continue your projects. Good health & abundance are a big part of the material concerns; the future looks bright. This is the start of a new adventure emotionally, could mean a new romance or the revival of an existing relationship. New ideas & solutions come easily at this time. Spiritually there is stagnation, perhaps a new meditation &/or prayer strategy is in order. The feminine influence is iffy about taking a chance on anything, possibly on anyone. The masculine influence is one of rejoining the world, this is a time to be active & really commit to your goals.

DD Sun 14 Feb 2016Four of Wands: Perfection

Today looks like it will be a true delight, just one of those when everything flows smoothly. The moment is right & everything comes together in perfection. There is a possibility, for those looking, for a new romance. Coming together of family in love & abundance. A feeling of wholeness spreads through the day. Victory comes from past endeavors. The events important to the day are fulfilling, including the more mundane activities.

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