Sunday, February 28, 2016

WR 28 Feb 20161) Justice: Balance
2) Daughter of Swords: Confidence
3) [R] Death: Endings
4) [R] The Emperor: Establishment
5) Seven of Wands: Courage
6) Three of Stones: Work
7) [R] The Fool: Beginnings

1: Creative Influence – Things are being judged; make sure that you’re aligned with truth; possibly indicates a contract
2: Physical Influence – Seeing the details of any situation; quality insight; devotion to family & community
3: Emotional Influence – Stagnation; unable to move forward; not getting the message
4: Mental Influence – Dislike of institutions & all forms of government; unable to take suggestions; unable to decide
5: Spiritual Influence – Aggressive problem solving; standing one’s ground; being yourself without fear
6: Feminine Influence – Work is going well; you’re a master in your field; great time to work on yourself
7: Masculine Influence – Joyous movement in an unplanned direction; do not hesitate, take action now; moving to the next phase without looking back

This could be an indication that you’ve put yourself out there creatively & others are considering your work, but this could also mean a contract for a creative project. Make good use of your perception, after looking carefully into things you are likely to make wise investments, there may also be a young woman helping you discern how best to build your portfolio. Emotionally this week is stuck in a rut, things are dissatisfying but there is resistance to improving the situation. Mentally it looks like we’re all suffering from political burnout & struggling with intense frustration. The feminine influence is one of work related competence & could link back to the physical influence. The masculine influence is taking impulsive action & living in the moment; the joy of beginning a new path.

DD Sun 28 Feb 2016Mother of Swords: Mystery

Most likely indicates a woman who is important to the day & shares characteristics of this card. A complex intelligence that cuts through illusion. Her perceptiveness amazes all who question her, but she runs from scrutiny. She is completely honest with others & judges herself in a harsher light. Easy to love but difficult to love deeply.

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