Sunday, March 6, 2016

WR 6 Mar 20161) [R] Five of Cups: Disappointment
2) Ace of Swords: Cognition
3) Ten of Cups: Success
4) [R] Six of Wands: Victory
5) [R] The Chariot: Willpower
6) The High Priestess: Meditation
7) Father of Cups: Fatherhood

1: Creative Influence – Hope for the future; new agreements benefit you; recovering from sadness
2: Physical Influence – Piercing through the fog to find the answer; illumination of the real; directing intent
3: Emotional Influence – Reconnecting to old self; reunion of a loving family; honor, respect, honesty & virtue
4: Mental Influence – Unexpected delays; self-doubts; complications in a project
5: Spiritual Influence – Creating failure through inaction; swallowed by inner fears; things fall out of your grasp
6: Feminine Influence – Looking inward; reconnecting with your serene knowledge; the answer will come
7: Masculine Influence – Responsibility & intellect; enjoys recognition for achievements; idealism

This is a time of revitalized creative energy, things have been difficult but are beginning to turn around. A great time to make investments after carefully weighing your options. Reconnecting to your emotions & feeling restored. Second guessing your thoughts about things, it’s creating issues on your current project. Inner fears & lack of action is setting up a rot in your spirit. The feminine influence is one of inner answers being drawn to the surface. The masculine influence is a responsible fatherly sort who is also very idealistic.

DD Sun 6 Mar 2016[R] The Hermit: Reflection

Help is not available at this time. Time to regain a place in society. A feeling of inadequacy stems from a failure to find wisdom. Making hasty decisions & giving bad advice. There is a possibility of deciding that there is no higher truth or wisdom. Speaking one’s truth in a way that is painful to others.

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