Sunday, March 13, 2016

WR 13 Mar 20161) Five of Cups: Disappointment
2) [R] Daughter of Swords: Confidence
3) Six of Swords: Science
4) [R] The Empress: Femininity
5) Father of Swords: Leadership
6) [R] Strength: Confidence
7) [R] Mother of Stones: Perception

1: Creative Influence – A broken heart; flaws rise to the surface; plans fall apart
2: Physical Influence – Illness; confused about next move; unable to enjoy life
3: Emotional Influence – Clarity; information surfaces; successful analysis of problems
4: Mental Influence – Closed off to inner self; difficulty articulating the problem; laziness & vanity
5: Spiritual Influence – An inspirational leader; completes one thing to start another; listens to counsel but goes own way
6: Feminine Influence – Weakness & clumsiness; uncaring for those in one’s path; becoming overwhelmed
7: Masculine Influence – A grasping nature; driven by fear of failure; lost connection to basics of life

Creative projects are suffering throughout this week, while it is heartbreaking this too shall pass, eventually. There is a possibility of illness & a lot of confusion surrounding material concerns. Emotional clarity is a tone through this time, information may rise to the surface that has the potential to enhance the experience of this week. While there may be clarity in some areas there is a mental sluggishness making the thought processes difficult. Spiritually there is someone inspiring that you look up to, more than that this leader is worthy of respect. Both the feminine & masculine influences are somewhat dark this week, neither particularly care about others & both are mired with obstacles in their paths.

DD Sun 13 Mar 2016Mother of Stones: Perception

Despite this card’s orientation & placement in the weekly reading today is one of serenity. Naturally given the gender & age range presented by this card a woman with similar attributes is likely to be important to the events of the day. Enjoying the best in life. Generosity with an abundance of wealth. A charitable soul with the means to give. Evolved consciousness. A down to earth woman who appreciates tradition.

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