Sunday, April 3, 2016

WR 3 Apr 20161) The Universe: Oneness
2) [R] Nine of Stones: Material Gain
3) [R] Son of Wands: Charisma
4) The Fool: Beginnings
5) [R] Two of Swords: Peace
6) [R] Six of Swords: Science
7) Ace of Swords: Cognition

1: Creative Influence – Successful completion; reflection of self in seeds planted long ago; secure in the fruits of your labor
2: Physical Influence – Focusing on what you don’t have; greed; constant comparison between your possessions & those of others
3: Emotional Influence – A narrow-minded bigot; fear of change; backslide in personal growth
4: Mental Influence – Forward movement in an unexpected direction; time to take action; act on impulse
5: Spiritual Influence – Becoming unbalanced; end of peace; treachery in battle
6: Feminine Influence – Study needed to shed light on the problem; information may be withheld; possible memory problems
7: Masculine Influence – Crystal clear thought; cutting through the fog to find the answer; strong determination

This week is a great time to complete a project that you’ve been working on or to promote an existing creative piece. Materialism to the extreme dominates the area of the physical world; suffering from the grass is always greener syndrome. Emotionally there is someone, likely a young man, who’s fear of change & bigoted mindset is muddying the waters. New ideas rise to the surface, perhaps at unexpected times, or taking unexpected direction. This week is a spiritual struggle as balance is lost, perhaps due to a conflict with someone, this is not a time of serenity. The feminine influence has been left in the dark, time to search for clues & study the situation. The masculine influence on the other hand has a great clarity & in a situation of trust can be very useful for the feminine quest for information.

DD Sun 3 Apr 2016[R] Four of Swords: Truce

This is the time to return to the world after a period of respite. There is a strong yearning to reclaim what once was had. Regular activities are being resumed. Making the choice to move forward. Time of rest is over, step forward. Let your opinions become known, this is not the time to remain silent. Leave your self-imposed solitude.

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