Sunday, April 10, 2016

WR 10 Apr 20161) Two of Wands: Dominion
2) Two of Cups: Love
3) Son of Cups: Seeker
4) [R] The Empress: Femininity
5) [R] Eight of Cups: Failure
6) The Chariot: Willpower
7) Nine of Stones: Material Gain

1: Creative Influence – Projects achieved through sheer will; conquering goals; following through
2: Physical Influence – Partnership that brings new ideas; time to commit; explosive inspiration
3: Emotional Influence – Unsure of direction; dreamer prone to emotional distress; may indicate social advancement
4: Mental Influence – Closed off to inner self; unable to articulate the problem; delaying progress
5: Spiritual Influence – Feeling of failure evaporates; success gained through specific effort; a party or festival is planned
6: Feminine Influence – A major effort is required; ability to mobilize will with amazing results; don’t micromanage or let your ego steal your success
7: Masculine Influence – Past accomplishments return with luck & good fortune; improved health; foresight in business

Creatively there is a sense of accomplishment as goals are achieved through your efforts. This is a great time for business or investment as inspiration flows freely & a new partnership develops. Emotionally direction is lacking & there is someone with a victim complex, though this could also mean that your moving up in your social world. Procrastination haunts the mental world & there is some difficulty connecting to your inner voice. The feminine influence can move mightily to bring about your dreams, but there is a possibility that too much attention will be paid to minor details or that the success will inflate the ego. The masculine influence is making a lot of measurable material progress & could also indicate that good health may be bolstered or returning.

DD Sun 10 Apr 2016[R] Four of Cups: Mixed Emotion

Today the path ahead looks bright as new & exciting options open up. New solutions, relationships & opportunities are likely to present themselves this day. Finding value in unlikely places. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. Things make themselves known during this time.

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