Sunday, April 17, 2016

WR 17 Apr 20161) [R] The Fool: Beginnings
2) The Chariot: Willpower
3) [R] The Emperor: Establishment
4) Seven of Cups: Illusions of Success
5) [R] Ten of Stones: Richness
6) [R] The Star: Hope
7) [R] Two of Cups: Love

1: Creative Influence – Having trouble trusting your instincts; hesitancy; starting many projects but finishing nothing
2: Physical Influence – Creating failure through inaction; fear of facing people; swallowed by inner fear
3: Emotional Influence – Hatred of authority; poor leadership; problems with parental figures
4: Mental Influence – Desiring symbols of success without the substance; wanting others to be jealous; wishful thinking
5: Spiritual Influence – Success is delayed; anticipation of joy to come; may not be looking in the right direction
6: Feminine Influence – Hope still present through disappointment; being ungrounded; unrealistic & unbalanced
7: Masculine Influence – Unable to trust partner; give & take of love is unbalanced; arguments & fights

Wow, this isn’t looking like a great week & it’s kind of major arcana heavy. While this reading is somewhat general, because it’s meant for all readers of this blog, there is definitely something big going on this week. Creatively we’re struggling, perhaps starting projects that will never see completion or not working on something we feel we should. Inner demons are rampant in the material world, making us question every potential move we can make to the point of being unable to take action. Emotionally there is a struggle against authority figures & the establishment in general. Mentally it appears that daydreams are consuming what could be productive time & there is a desire for effortless accolades. Spiritually we are likely to know some success & fulfillment but it is delayed, a new strategy may be in order. The feminine influence is also lost in daydreams with fantasies overlaying the reality of situations. The masculine influence is struggling with partnerships, this could be the result of a previous relationship or a current union that is not going so well.

DD Sun 17 Apr 2016Four of Cups: Mixed Emotions

Today is one of weariness & dissatisfaction. Things seem boring & far too familiar. Not knowing which way to turn in the quest for new goals. There is bitterness over the past. Things look more difficult than they are. Feeling of being unable to breath deeply. Having an aversion to almost everything.

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