Sunday, April 24, 2016

WR 24 Apr 20161) Ace of Swords: Cognition
2) [R] Son of Cups: Seeker
3) [R] Ace of Stones: Abundance
4) The Chariot: Willpower
5) [R] Five of Cups: Disappointment
6) Two of Stones: Harmony
7) [R] Four of Wands: Perfection

1: Creative Influence – Piercing through the fog to find the answer; strong determination; directing intent
2: Physical Influence – Resenting having to give up dreams for practical reasons; cunning person capable of embezzlement; uninterested in truth
3: Emotional Influence – Gain without satisfaction; success gained through unethical practices; fighting over money
4: Mental Influence – A major effort is required; make sure results are worthy of your efforts; don’t try to direct everything
5: Spiritual Influence – Hope for the future; old true friends come to your aid; recovery from sadness & depression
6: Feminine Influence – Balance & unity; choosing to make needed changes to achieve wholeness; happy situations
7: Masculine Influence – The time is not right; obstacles cause delays; problems & flaws rise to the surface

This is a good time for creative works as we push the chaos aside & find the truth we wish to express, directing it carefully onto the canvas of our choosing. There is a lot of resentment for having to give up dreams in the face of real world needs, this could represent us in the reading or it could indicate a young man who will play a role in the week’s events. In the realm of emotion it seems that guilt is dragging us down, we need to reconnect with our inner light to recover from the dilemma, though it could also represent someone else who has brought about emotional pain in us through their own unethical practices. In the realm of thought we are pushing a boulder uphill & succeeding, though we must be careful not to let our success go to our heads or our victory may be lost. Spiritually things are looking better, there is a lot of hope for the future as we continue to explore the less obvious side of life. The feminine influence encourages us to choose to better ourselves that we may move forward & create the balance we need in our lives. On the other hand the masculine influence faces obstacles that must be met & cleared before progress can be made.

DD Sun 24 Apr 2016[R] Six of Stones: Success

Losing sight of our inner spirit & the reason we were successful in the first place. Time of success is slipping away. Fear of taking a chance. At this time assets should be moved or reshuffled to minimize future losses. Save or invest wisely, not a good time to spend. Our ship has sprung a leak. A fall follows an achievement.

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