Sunday, 22 May, 2016

WR 22 May 20161) [R] Eight of Wands: Swiftness
2) [R] Mother of Swords: Mystery
3) The Hierophant: Tradition
4) The Multiverse: Unbound
5) Ace of Wands: Passion
6) The Hermit: Reflection
7) Three of Wands: Virtue

1: Creative Influence – Interruption of forward movement; issues become complex; hasty action brings negative results
2: Physical Influence – Clever & malicious arguments; do not pursue this matter; a treacherous adversary
3: Emotional Influence – Good advice; keeper of wisdom & tradition; seeker accumulating wisdom
4: Mental Influence – Many choices are ahead; time to direct energies with passion & intellect toward the best future; trust in ability to pick the right path
5: Spiritual Influence – New beginnings; creation of new ideas; life force
6: Feminine Influence – Going within to to seek truth; time to be away from life’s pressures; stepping back to reflect on meaning
7: Masculine Influence – A strong foundation; being true to one’s self; living up to highest potential

Creatively we find ourselves in a bit of a slump this week & we must not try to force the issue. In the realm of the material we find ourselves faced off with a malicious & treacherous person, likely a woman, which causes a bit of a standstill or loss. Emotionally we’re in a good place this week & find ourselves open to wisdom & understanding. While we may be struggling creatively our mental energy is at a high, use this time to make notes for future creative explorations & directing our mental energies toward our serious goals. Spiritually we’re soaring into greater heights & a greater passion is felt for our less obvious world. The Feminine influence is taking the time to rediscover inner truths & pausing in material pursuits to reflect on meaning. The masculine influence has a strong core & strong integrity, living in harmony with his ideals.

DD Sun 22 May 2016Five of Cups: Disappointment

We are surrounded by friends but find no value in them. Emotions are unbalanced as we nurse a broken heart. Relationships are unsatisfactory. Hope is fleeting. Spending time worrying about the future. Looking at the past fills us with regret. Flaws in the plan rise to the surface & those counted upon fall apart at the last minute.

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