Sunday, May 29, 2016

WR 29 May 20161) [R] Three of Cups: Overflowing
2) [R] Four of Swords: Truce
3) Six of Swords: Science
4) Strength: Confidence
5) [R] Four of Wands: Perfection
6) Nine of Stones: Material Gain
7) [R] The Emperor: Establishment

1: Creative Influence – Going overboard; excess; bitterness
2: Physical Influence – Leaving a self-imposed solitude; returning to the world; expanding & growing
3: Emotional Influence – Information comes to the surface; clarity; stick with what’s real, don’t get swept up in fantasy
4: Mental Influence – Channeling a lot of power; taming our inner beast; grace, peacefulness & fortitude
5: Spiritual Influence – The time is not right; obstacles cause delays; problems & flaws surface
6: Feminine Influence – Worldly reward & advancement; improved health; connection to nature
7: Masculine Influence – Issues with authority & its figures; poor leadership; halted progress

Creatively we’re a bit over the top this week, we must try to curb our excesses. It’s time to return to our material existence & truly grow our foundations. Emotionally we may be prone to flights of fancy & we must anchor ourselves in what is real. Mentally we are gaining the upper hand on scattered thought patterns & much can be accomplished by making effective use of the power we are channeling. Spiritually we are facing obstacles & delays, it isn’t the best time to push forward. The feminine influence brings with it good health & measurable success. The masculine influence is likely to be suffering from an overbearing authority figure, poor leadership & a lack of progress along the path. Like most weeks this one has it’s ups & downs, there is great potential here if we navigate the hurdles effectively.

DD Sun 29 May 2016[R] Ten of Swords: Ruin

Today marks for us an end to bad times & even a small gain. Success may be temporary so we must be ready to continue working hard. We are starting the path back to inner strength. It’s time to come out of our cocoons & begin to fly. Past learning brings benefits. This may be a tiny gain but it gives us somewhere to start.

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