Sunday, July 24, 2016

WR 24 Jul 20161) Two of Stones: Harmony
2) Six of Wands: Victory
3) [R] Son of Cups: Seeker
4) Justice: Balance
5) [R] The Lovers: Relationship
6) [R] The Emperor: Establishment
7) [R] The Hanged Man: Uniqueness

1: Creative Influence – Balance & unity; healing; working with others to achieve higher goals
2: Physical Influence – Inspiring others with a triumphant attitude; success from hard work; realization of goals
3: Emotional Influence – Resentment that practical concerns override dreams; may try to swindle associates; refusal to start journey
4: Mental Influence – Fairness; step back & evaluate the situation honestly; take time to study existing agreements, as others have already done so
5: Spiritual Influence – Poorly thought out relationships; unfulfilled with this relationship; fickle & untrustworthy
6: Feminine Influence – Strong hatred of authority & its figures; problems with elders; halted progress
7: Masculine Influence – Not willing to make an effort; corrupt prophesy; meaningless gestures

This should be a wonderful week for creative enterprise & there is a possibility of fruitful collaborations. The realm of the material is gaining success through our sweat & elbow grease. Emotionally we feel stifled by the practical concerns we feel are weighing us down, this could easily represent a young man who is in this situation. In the realm of the mind this is the perfect time to step back & consider the situations present this week carefully without bias. Spiritually it would seem that the relationships we have cultivated were not the best for us & is likely we cannot trust someone we previously thought we could, it’s time for us to move on. The feminine influence is struggling with authority issues that may stem from problems with parental figures, do not try to control her. The masculine influence isn’t really making an effort, but wants you to think he is with valueless gestures designed to look like he is trying.

DD Sun 24 Jul 2016[R] Alchemy: Restraint

Today is one of extremes & action is taking place now. Recklessness is the order of the day & may represent our actions or those of another figure who is central to events. Someone is not likely to give up their drama to find a solution to the presented problem. This is likely to be a tumultuous day, be warned.

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