Sunday, July 31, 2016

WR 31 Jul 20161) [R] Ten of Wands: Oppression
2) Ace of Stones: Abundance
3) [R] Seven of Wand: Courage
4) Two of Stones: Harmony
5) [R] The Hanged Man: Uniqueness
6) The High Priestess: Meditation
7) Four of Cups: Mixed Emotion

1: Creative Influence – Reevaluating the situation & setting ourselves free; choosing not to let demanding relationships & situations hold us down; self-rule
2: Physical Influence – Blissful gifts of prosperity & success; profound connection to nature; perfect time to take action
3: Emotional Influence – Timid; fear of taking action; bowing to others
4: Mental Influence – Balance & unity; healing; working with others to achieve higher goals
5: Spiritual Influence – Unwilling to make an effort; anger over disconnection from nature; corrupt prophesy
6: Feminine Influence – Time to look inward; reconnecting with serene knowledge; answer may already be known
7: Masculine Influence – Feeling weary & dissatisfied; wanting new goals but unsure of which way to turn; bitterness over the past

Like other weeks this one looks to be complicated, but life isn’t simple & certainly we cannot apply one dimensional thinking to anything so complex. Creatively we are throwing off the chains that held us down, or perhaps a project, relationship, or situation that no longer claims all of our potential to create something amazing. Our material existence is gaining ground, though we may need to make our move now, as success begins to manifest. Emotionally we are struggling with fear & being to timid to do what needs to be done to resolve the issue that is bothering us. Mentally this is the perfect time for a collaboration as so much more can be reached through this sharing of ideas. Spiritually we find ourselves having a difficult time, perhaps we no longer feel committed to our path or a disconnection is brewing from someone else we feel is leading us astray. The feminine influence is taking a pause to reconnect with her inner self & let her intuition bring for revelations. The masculine influence is grappling with the wounds of his past & at this time letting it weigh him down.

DD Sun 31 Jul 2016[R] Six of Cups: Happiness

Today our vanity & pride, or that of another, is a major stumbling block. We have no choice but to work hard to make it. There is a longing for the past, which might indicate a desire for simpler times that don’t require the level of labor we must commit to now. Selfishly clinging to outdated things & feverishly wanting old rules to apply to new situations. With an eye focused on the past our goals & plans are not likely to see fruition. Our time of joy may be leaving.

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