Sunday, August 21, 2016

WR 21 Aug 20161) [R] Nine of Wands: Power
2) [R] Wheel of Fortune: Chance
3) The Devil: Temptation
4) [R] Daughter of Stones: Possibilities
5) [R] Mother of Cups: Motherhood
6) [R] Alchemy: Restraint
7) [R] Four of Swords: Truce

1: Creative Influence – Bad decisions; frailty; look carefully at the situation as it may require a gentle hand
2: Physical Influence – Stagnation; unwilling to take a chance; withdrawing from the world
3: Emotional Influence – Difficulties arise that seem like wonderful challenges at first, but quickly become hardships; no options; false relationships
4: Mental Influence – Unrealistic viewpoints; illogical & irrational; over-analysis of the trivial
5: Spiritual Influence – Taking from the Earth with ruinous results; an aggressive, self-absorbed personality; untrustworthy
6: Feminine Influence – Extreme actions & conditions; reckless action; unable to take control
7: Masculine Influence – Leaving a self-imposed solitude; expanding & growing; time to rejoin the world

This is going to be a hard week, but if we really strive to work on the problems illustrated in this reading there is hope for recovery & even a positive outcome. Creatively we find ourselves struggling this week, if the situation is not scrutinized carefully bad decisions will be made. In the realm of the material we find ourselves withdrawing as our inability to take a chance brings stagnating. Emotionally we feel beaten down by the numerous obstacles that just keep popping in the way & we feel that all direction is lost in this arena. Mentally we find ourselves obsessively over-analyzing nothing of consequence, our thought patterns lack a fundamental logic & we have set our sights far too high for what we are investing this energy into. An untrustworthy, self-centered person has set themselves up as a spiritual leader, it is imperative that we do not allow her to guide us as growth will not be on the agenda. The feminine influence is reckless & out of control while the masculine influence is returning from a period of growth & ready to reclaim what he had.

DD Sun 21 Aug 2016[R] Daughter of Wands: Luxury

Likely indicates a young female with attributes similar to those described by this card. This young lady dominates those who get in her way & brings news that always make us feel bad. She is untrustworthy & her frequent shifts of mood make her unpredictable. Elevating herself at the expense of others is her only use for social situations. We may be facing depression, possibly from taking everything far too seriously, all of the time.

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