Sunday, September 4, 2016

WR 4 Sep 20161) Alchemy: Restraint
2) [R] Nine of Cups: Fortune
3) [R] Daughter of Cups: Connection
4) [R] Six of Cups: Happiness
5) [R] Four of Swords: Truce
6) Daughter of Wands: Luxury
7) Justice: Balance

1: Creative Influence – Combining elements in precise measure; creating solutions using pieces others would not consider; tailoring a solution after analyzing the problem thoroughly
2: Physical Influence – Overspending; bad credit; taking advantage of the hospitality of others
3: Emotional Influence – Unable to differentiate between fantasy & reality; impulsive; empty promises
4: Mental Influence – Vanity & pride; clinging to the past; no choice but to work hard every day
5: Spiritual Influence – Returning from self-imposed solitude; expanding & growing; choosing to move forward
6: Feminine Influence – Excitement for life; ambitious but dependable; stimulates situations
7: Masculine Influence – Things are being scrutinized; possible legal action; fairness

Creatively, we are on a roll this week, as we throw together unconventional components to produce a masterpiece. Generally, we’re struggling with material concerns as we hemorrhage money for unproductive reasons, we may also be taking advantage of someone or another is taking advantage of us financially. Emotionally we seem to have walled ourselves off from the reality of the present situations with a constructed fantasy that is mistaken for what’s really going on. Our thoughts are lost in the past at this time & are inhibiting our ability to produce constructive solutions during this time. Spiritually we feel a reawakening as we rejoin our pursuits of growth & find ourselves moving forward. The feminine influence is feeling a zest for life as she pushes ahead & gives us a nudge in the same direction. The masculine influence is in a state of balance as things may be shaken up a bit but as they settle he will find that everything works out as it should.

DD Sun 4 Sep 2016[R] Son of Wands: Charisma

This is likely to represent a young man with similar attributes to those described by this card. He is a narrow-minded bigot, who probably lacks in confidence. Making backward movement in personal growth. Things get shaken up & mistakes are made. Being disconnected from life. Fears from the past are overwhelming. Desire to be alone.

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