Sunday, September 18, 2016

wr-18-sep-20161) [R] Ace of Swords: Cognition
2) Five of Swords: Defeat
3) Seven of Swords: Uselessness
4) [R] Six of Swords: Science
5) Son of Swords: Fairness
6) [R] Seven of Cups: Illusions of Success
7) Three of Cups: Overflowing

1: Creative Influence – Violent, self-destructive temper; lacking clarity; bad ideas
2: Physical Influence – Believing defeat is certain; being conquered; ill turn in health
3: Emotional Influence – Restlessness & uncertainty; ineffective actions; cut off from the world
4: Mental Influence – Study & observation are needed to shed light on the problem; facts are hidden; difficulty remembering what is already known
5: Spiritual Influence – A positive masculine leader; brave & forceful; creative solutions & new ideas
6: Feminine Influence – Giving up foolish desires & facing reality; making choices based on solid evidence; rallying the self for a worthy goal
7: Masculine Influence – Communicating feelings to another; good health & happiness; speaking out with compassion

This week shows a period of writer’s block, or the equivalent to whatever medium we’re currently using for an outlet. Our material existence is more or less being threatened by our own belief in the failure of our plans & our health is in question at this time as well. Emotionally we feel uncertain of our path & generally cut off from others, none of the actions we’re taking seems to have any effect of the situation. We must push our mental powers to the forefront this week as information we must have is obscured, we should be questing to uncover these details. Spiritually, there is a masculine figure who will help us find creative solutions to the problems we’ve been experiencing, this is a time of learning & growing for us. The feminine influence is turning away from fantasy to make a fresh start toward goals that really matter. Effective communication is central to the masculine influence this week & he is enjoying good health as well during this time.

dd-sun-18-sep-2016[R] Four of Wands: Perfection

The time is not yet right to take action. Flaws & problems are rising to the surface, take the time to troubleshoot these issues before applying plans. There may be some uneasiness about the situation, go with your gut, if it doesn’t yet feel right do not commit. Health may be down today as we begin experiencing a spiritual disconnect. Today is particularly unproductive.

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