Sunday, October 9, 2016

wr-9-oct-20161) [R] Ten of Cups: Success
2) Mother of Wands: Creator
3) Father of Cups: Fatherhood
4) [R] The Universe: Oneness
5) The Empress: Femininity
6) Ace of Cups: Emotion
7) Strength: Confidence

1: Creative Influence – Disputes & family fights; pettiness & rage; imposing outside influence
2: Physical Influence – Explosive creative energy; intense focus on creation; burns through the unimportant to find the truth
3: Emotional Influence – Responsibility; letting intellect & emotion mix for amazing results; enjoys recognition
4: Mental Influence – Paralysis & stagnation; unable to commit; moving in circles
5: Spiritual Influence – Great emotional content; meditation brings creativity; giving birth to new ideas
6: Feminine Influence – New beginning of love, happiness & joy; abundance; highly artistic
7: Masculine Influence – Channeling a lot of power; in control of inner beast; temptation to become too powerful

Outside influences are causing familial disruptions, which in turn are interfering with our creative focus. We are on the verge of creating something incredible, or perhaps there is a woman on the precipice of a great creation we should be a part of within the realm of the material. There may be a man involved in helping us constructively channel our emotions into something truly amazing. Our thoughts are running in circles, unable to commit to any direction our mental energy is being wasted. We are emotionally engaged on so many levels with our spirits, we may owe this to a womanly sage helping to guide us on our paths. The feminine influence is enjoying life & beginning to really tap into her creative potential. The masculine influence is mastering himself & working to shape things in the way he believes they should look, beware the pursuit of power for its own sake.

dd-sun-9-oct-2016[R] Ten of Wands: Oppression

Today we are reevaluating our situation & releasing the cage we have built around ourselves. Freeing our minds & spirits. Making the choice to let go of the stress holding us down. Liberation & self-rule are themes of the day.

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