Sunday, October 16, 2016

wr-16-oct-20161) Seven of Cups: Illusions of Success
2) [R] Mother of Stones: Perception
3) [R] The High Priestess: Meditation
4) [R] Daughter of Cups: Connection
5) [R] Six of Wands: Victory
6) [R] The Wheel of Fortune: Chance
7) Nine of Cups: Fortune

1: Creative Influence – No real substance behind the outward appearance; appearing to have it all; wishful thinking
2: Physical Influence – Grasping nature; creates suspense & drama; lost connection to the basics of life
3: Emotional Influence – Time to be active in the situation; act now; share what has been learned
4: Mental Influence – Selfish & idle; unable to see the difference between reality & fantasy; false promises
5: Spiritual Influence – Dread over achievements of a competitor; unexpected delays; self-doubt
6: Feminine Influence – Unwilling to take a chance; stagnation; having no faith
7: Masculine Influence – Well-being & good health; success; unconditional love

Creatively, we may be stuck in a grass is always greener sort of situation, or perhaps we’re putting on airs with nothing to back it up. In the material domain there may be a female influence of a greedy nature, expect drama through the week. Emotionally we need to take an active role in our situation, make a stand & apply what we learned during a period of reflection. Another female influence may be present impacting our mental state, there is a certain amount of difficulty telling the difference between reality & fantasy, which may be only her problem, but it has a chance of sweeping us into it. Fear & doubt plague our spiritual lives this week as we are measuring ourselves against the achievements of another. The feminine influence is also struggling this week with fear as she hesitates to take a chance & change everything. The masculine influence is enjoying success, good health & love this week.

dd-sun-16-oct-2016[R] The Fool: Beginnings

Today is one of chaotic action as we take reckless actions based on impulse. This is not a time to leap before looking. Many projects are begun, but it is difficult to finish anything. We may be turning away from new opportunities. Finding it difficult to trust our instincts. Wasting our inventive energy.

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