Sunday, November 27, 2016

wr-27-nov-20161) Ten of Wands: Oppression
2) [R] The Empress: Femininity
3) [R] Son of Swords: Fairness
4) Father of Swords: Leadership
5) [R] Ten of Stones: Richness
6) [R] Father of Wands: Intelligence
7) Seven of Swords: Uselessness

1: Creative Influence – Overburdened with responsibilities; extreme stress on the psyche; striving for an impossible deadline
2: Physical Influence – Closed off to the inner self; frittering away wealth; delaying progress
3: Emotional Influence – A conceited fool; blinded by his ambition; hollow
4: Mental Influence – An active, forceful intellect; brilliant & overwhelming in debate; overcautious once established
5: Spiritual Influence – The end of winter & beginning of spring; delayed success; anticipation for joys to come
6: Feminine Influence – Nothing works out right; truth is being manipulated; wild ideas unanchored by reality
7: Masculine Influence – Actions accomplish nothing; restless & unsure of purpose; unable to get a handle on what to do

Creatively, we feel drained by the demands of our current projects, which have proven a lot more taxing than had been considered possible at the outset. Our material progress is being delayed by our own actions & behaviors, what wealth has been amassed is being depleted by our dawdling. The emotional landscaped of the week seems to hinge on a young man who is blinded by his ambition & unable to connect with anyone on an emotional level. This week our mental situation is heavily influenced by a man, who may be a bit of a mentor to us, whose intellect is very active & extremely talented. Spiritually, we are making progress & great success is on the horizon, but it’s best to take our time getting there & enjoy the journey. The feminine influence is bogged down & likely being manipulated by a man with an unrealistic view of his situation. The masculine influence is likewise struggling as he tries to identify his purpose & his actions get him no closer to the completion he seeks.

dd-sun-27-nov-2016[R] Two of Wands: Dominion

We’re losing faith in our ability to complete the projects that are currently on our plates, yet we’re allowing pride to continue dictating our actions & behaviors. Inappropriate actions are very probable as we begin to feel backed into a corner. Others are losing their belief in our goals. Sadness & depression are overwhelming our senses. Someone is misusing their power for their personal gains.

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