Sunday, December 18, 2016

wr-18-dec-20161) [R] Six of Cups: Happiness
2) [R] Strength: Confidence
3) [R] Father of Cups: Fatherhood
4) Two of Swords: Peace
5) The Fool: Beginnings
6) Son of Stones: Advocate
7) Nine of Wands: Power

1: Creative Influence – Having no choice but to work hard every day; clinging to the past; resisting being happy
2: Physical Influence – Impotence; overwhelmed & frustrated; watch health
3: Emotional Influence – Insecure & defensive; flaring outbursts of emotion; ego run wild
4: Mental Influence – Resolution of conflict; freedom of thought; self truth must be filtered through the intellect
5: Spiritual Influence – Forward movement in an unexpected direction; adventure; do not hesitate to start
6: Feminine Influence – Person of noble intent; gifted with words; getting results from hard work
7: Masculine Influence – Well fortified position; creative passion; wholeness

Creative projects have become drudgery as a nostalgia for our childhood distracts us from all else in this realm. All action in the material world should be carefully weighed before committing to anything, this is likely to be a time of loss & could be having an impact on our health as well. There is a lot of emotional instability this week, which may be caused by a hyper-emotional man destabilizing us during this time. Mentally, we are at peace with our thoughts having reached an accord that resolves whatever conflict may have been present before. Spiritually we’re embarking on a new adventure & riding the wave of excitement into something amazing. The feminine influence is working hard & reaping the rewards of her labors, this might relate to a young man who is gifted with words. The masculine influence is ready for whatever may come his way, having built up his defenses & his offense.

dd-sun-18-dec-2016Nine of Cups: Fortune

Today is one of success that brings satisfaction & contentment. The future looks bright & prosperous. Victory over all trials. A time of joy as our cups are filled to the brim. This may be the perfect time to plan a celebration.

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