Sunday, January 1, 2017

wr-1-jan-20171) Three of Stones: Work
2) [R] Three of Wands: Virtue
3) The Moon: Dreams
4) [R] Son of Wands: Charisma
5) The Emperor: Establishment
6) Son of Stones: Advocate
7) Two of Swords: Peace

1: Creative Influence – Mastery in chosen field; projects are going well; determined spirit
2: Physical Influence – Business projects are disappointing; others offer help, but only to help themselves; hidden motives
3: Emotional Influence – Answers unclear; fantasies cloud thought; feelings do not mean what we think they mean
4: Mental Influence – Narrow-mindedness; closed off from the world; mistakes are made
5: Spiritual Influence – Structured power; a powerful person; someone of accomplishments
6: Feminine Influence – Person of noble intent; getting results from hard work; true believer in liberty & justice
7: Masculine Influence – Swords are balance & still; a pause in action; resolution of conflicts

Creatively, we are having no difficulty translating our vision into whatever medium we have chosen to manifest it into this week. On the other hand our material existence is a struggle, as work is not going as well as it should & others who appear helpful are only out for themselves. We are swept up in fantasies & are likely to misinterpret our emotional state at this time, answers are not available at this time. There may be a young man unsettling our thoughts throughout the week, as mistakes are made & a general disconnection from the world stems from a narrow perspective. The structured nature of the card representing the spiritual aspect of the week makes me think of organized religion & while that might make some people uneasy, this is a positive thing during this time, we may even find a masculine guide to assist us in our current pursuits. The feminine influence may be affected a young man who is an idealist that works hard to forward the goals of those ideals. The masculine influence is at a point of transition, having achieved resolutions in his previous pursuits, he now enjoys a respite before the next struggle.

dd-sun-1-jan-2017[R] Six of Wands: Victory

Dread fills us as unexpected delays hamper our progress. Bad news may be coming our way in some form or other. The achievements of a competitor inspires fear. There is a possibility of being passed up for promotion. We begin to doubt in ourselves & our ability to do anything constructive with our lives. This negative attitude will lead to failure.

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