Sunday, January 8, 2017

wr-8-jan-20171) Five of Wands: Defeat
2) Father of Wands: Intelligence
3) [R] The Hierophant: Tradition
4) [R] Ace of Wands: Passion
5) [R] Son of Wands: Charisma
6) Ten of Stones: Richness
7) [R] Four of Cups: Mixed Emotions

1: Creative Influence – Herculean effort required to win; opposing forces & ideas; a valiant fight
2: Physical Influence – Chained by constant need to consume knowledge; mature pillar of the community; anger at stupidity
3: Emotional Influence – Unorthodox & unconventional; giver of bad advice; not bound by tradition
4: Mental Influence – False starts; listless & foggy; unable to focus energy
5: Spiritual Influence – Fear of change; closed off to the world; narrow-mindedness
6: Feminine Influence – Gaining success by showing the self to the world; possible inheritance; wealth of loved ones
7: Masculine Influence – New & exciting options; new solutions; light at the end of the tunnel

Creatively, we are fighting an uphill battle this week in the midst of conflict that could be internal or external. There may be a man influencing our material lives during this time who could very well guide us toward our goals, though he will be short with us if we make silly mistakes. Emotionally we are unchained by convention, though we should also be wary of any advice offered in this realm throughout the week. A metal fog hangs over us as we try to plan & carry on, but each time we start the foundation is unstable. In the sphere of the spiritual there may be a young man, with a narrow vision of things, who may even be narrowing our own vision as we become closed off & change looks frightening. The feminine influence is overcoming the noted obstacles in the road this week as she gains success while doing what she really loves & feels she was born to do. The masculine influence is similarly triumphant despite the pitfalls as he throws off his confusion & finds a bright new direction to move as he applies new solutions to his existing problems.

dd-sun-8-jan-2017Father of Cups: Fatherhood

Today has a possibility of orbiting a scholarly figure of the masculine persuasion. Enjoying recognition for achievements, which may be a characteristic of the man potentially described by the card, or it could indicate that we are craving this type of attention. This is a time of learning, perhaps from this scholarly person. This is also a time about control, it’s all about who has it.

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