Sunday, January 15, 2017

wr-15-jan-20171) The Fool: Beginnings
2) The Universe: Oneness
3) [R] The Lovers: Relationship
4) The Star: Hope
5) Ten of Stones: Richness
6) [R] The Hermit: Reflection
7) [R] Daughter of Cups: Connection

1: Creative Influence – Joyous forward movement; unexpected path; do not hesitate to start
2: Physical Influence – Successful completion; reflection of self in fruits of labors; fulfillment
3: Emotional Influence – Relationship in trouble; unsupported; untrustworthy
4: Mental Influence – Filled with faith & inspiration; far-sighted, progressive thinking; going back to basics
5: Spiritual Influence – Radiance attracts all that is good; showing true self brings success; solid foundation
6: Feminine Influence – Help is not available at this time; bad advice; speaking one’s truth in a way that’s painful to others
7: Masculine Influence – Selfish & idle; inability to differentiate between reality & fantasy; empty promises

Creatively, our week is one of explosive, if unexpected, progress, a time to get in touch with our inner child & project that youthful naivety into our projects. The material realm gives us fulfillment as we accomplish one or more of our goals in this realm during this time. Emotionally, we’re struggling with a relationship that has toxic, this relationship could be with virtually anyone, a friend, a family member, a significant other, or even a coworker. Our minds are sharp & it feels as though our muse is helping us generate new ideas & solutions. A spiritual light fills us throughout the week, we may find a new teacher or may have found a deeply personal revelation in our meditations, but whatever the cause, we are closer to the divine during this time. The feminine influence in a difficult way, as she has lost touch with her inner divine light& has become quite spiteful about it. The masculine influence is similarly in a bad way, perhaps due to his own selfish laziness or due to a young woman who is important to him in some way, he’s floundering & we should not trust any promise that issues from him at this time.

dd-sun-15-jan-2017[R] Aeon: Rebirth

A lot of energy is being channeled into resisting a renewal today. It’s very difficult to give up our old ways, even if the change is for the better it’s impossible to see it that way. There is a fear that change will bring death, or somehow, a loss of identity. Despite our resistance things are continuing to move forward, which generally inspires dread.

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