Sunday, January 29, 2017

wr-29-jan-20171) Ten of Stones: Richness
2) [R] Nine of Cups: Fortune
3) [R] Seven of Stones: Failure
4) [R] Three of Swords: Mourning
5) [R] Five of Wands: Defeat
6) Wheel of Fortune: Chance
7) Eight of Swords: Interference

1: Creative Influence – Reward & advancement; strong sense of security; achieving goals
2: Physical Influence – Overspending; bad credit; money mistakes
3: Emotional Influence – Hard work & determination begins to melt the coldness of past failures; a reprieve; creating the beginning of a fresh start with great effort
4: Mental Influence – Stoicism; prolonging the healing process; attempting to ignore internal discord
5: Spiritual Influence – One-upmanship; treachery; betrayal
6: Feminine Influence – Taking hold of life; unexpected turn of events; take a chance
7: Masculine Influence – Prevented from passing through; point of crisis; blocks & obstacles

This week is particularly productive in the creative realm as our projects are rolling out smoothly & may even be getting some acclaim. On the other hand material life may be a bit difficult during this time as money is being mishandled. Emotionally we appear to have our work cut out for us, perhaps there is a relationship that is in desperate need of our attention or we just need to get it together & move on, either way it won’t be easy, but it will be worth the effort. We’re holding back a lot in regard to our mental state, trying to take too much in stride & act as though everything is okay, though our thoughts are scattered & it’s almost impossible to focus on the task at hand due to some issue we’re trying to avoid dealing with. This week we may have fallen into the wrong group for spiritual development as those involved are all about being number one no matter the cost & that has nothing to do with spirituality in any way, but you can’t convince these would be role models of that. The feminine influence is taking charge of her destiny, ready to take a leap & follow an unexpected path. The masculine influence is unable to move forward at this time as obstacles keep appearing & derailing his progress, he may not even be willing to face these problems head on.

dd-sun-29-jan-2017[R] Three of Wands: Virtue

Today is not a good day for business, or for our aspirations. Projects are disappointing in either direction or outcome. There will be those to offer assistance, but it is only to gain something for themselves. We feel disconnected from the world & nature, which brings us doubt in ourselves & leads to hesitant decision making.

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