Sunday, February 5, 2017

wr-5-feb-20171) [R] Eight of Cups: Failure
2) [R] Eight of Wands: Swiftness
3) Seven of Wands: Courage
4) Son of Swords: Fairness
5) The Lovers: Relationship
6) The Hierophant: Tradition
7) [R] Five of Swords: Defeat

1: Creative Influence – Success gained through specific effort; return of happiness & joy; stay focused
2: Physical Influence – Hasty action brings negative results; bad news; losing an enjoyable job
3: Emotional Influence – Aggressive problem solving; situation may require courage to resolve; small gain after much effort
4: Mental Influence – Finding innovative solutions; ability to see things differently; new ideas
5: Spiritual Influence – Harmony; a meaningful relationship; becoming more than the sum of the parts
6: Feminine Influence – Rituals & ceremonies; strict adherence to procedure; a teacher
7: Masculine Influence – Unable to defend one’s self; making a plea that goes unheard; being at a disadvantage

We’ve managed to focus a lot of our energy into our works & are beginning to turn things around in our creative sphere, but the effort must be maintained. The realm of the material is plagued at this time, some of us may find that we’re suddenly out of work, while others may make rash decisions that could easily bring destitution, bad news is coming. Emotionally we seem to have things in order, dealing with whatever may have been not right, or bothering us, we’re facing every issue that may arise. This is a great week for our mental energies as creative solutions are flowing through us. This week we get to enjoy a wonderful relationship with the divine, with accompanying tranquility & harmony. The feminine influence may represent a grandmotherly figure who can help us navigate tradition, though she may also be a bit overly strict in her applications. The masculine influence is struggling with a situation that he cannot easily solve, reaching out for aid may even lead to a betrayal, at the very least no one is coming to assist him.

dd-sun-5-feb-2017Seven of Cups: Illusions of Success

Someone is putting on airs today, or perhaps we are being duped by the outward appearance of success. Things are being valued despite their worthless nature. Chasing after fools golds & other nonsense that doesn’t matter. Daydreaming & wishful thinking are clouding our sensibilities. Appearing to have it all while having nothing in reality. Allowing our ego to run wild & trap us in delusion.

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