Sunday, February 19, 2017

wr-19-feb-20171) Daughter of Wands: Luxury
2) [R] Six of Cups: Happiness
3) The Hanged Man: Uniqueness
4) [R] Five of Swords: Defeat
5) The Empress: Femininity
6) [R] Five of Wands; Defeat
7) [R] Seven of Swords: Uselessness

1: Creative Influence – Eagerness & excitement; stimulates situations; approaches new situations with enthusiasm & boundless energy
2: Physical Influence – Vanity & pride; no choice but to work hard every day; nostalgia
3: Emotional Influence – Flexibility & willingness to change; solutions come from unconventional thought
4: Mental Influence – Turned upside down; unequal opponents; requires a change in plans
5: Spiritual Influence – Wielding power in a feminine way; positive emotional expressions; a powerful woman
6: Feminine Influence – Continually engaged in obsessive conflicts; trickery in battle; betrayal
7: Masculine Influence – Taking the time to think clearly; starting on new plans; mystery surrounding the situation is lifting

Our creative situations are stimulated as we approach our projects with an energetic excitement this week. In material terms times are a bit difficult as we have little choice but to put forth all of our effort into just getting by. We’re emotionally adaptive this week, bending rather than breaking a different perspective is our greatest ally at this time, as expectation must be defied sometimes. Mentally there is a struggle throughout this period as we face a conflict from a disadvantage & are having issues focusing on the problem as the ground shifts beneath our metaphorical feet. There may be a motherly figure offering us guidance in the realm of the spirit, aiding us in our growth along our path of internal development. The feminine influence has been betrayed, or may be betraying another, the conflicts never end with this one as she must always be number one, in everything. The masculine influence is off to a good start as he begins to build a new direction with a real future after taking a serious look at his situation.

dd-sun-19-feb-2017Six of Stones: Success

This day is marked by some tangible success, that may be short term, but it offers some rejuvenation of our motivation toward our goals. Taking a one step at a time approach to achieving our goals. We must also look to the truth behind our achievements, don’t lose sight of what drives us to grow in this way. Remembering our dreams of success & allowing them to be grounded in a well thought out path to accomplishing that which is possible within our lifetimes.

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