Sunday, March 5, 2017

wr-5-mar-20171) Three of Wands: Virtue
2) Two of Cups: Love
3) Eight of Cups: Failure
4) [R] Aeon: Rebirth
5) [R] The Magician: Transmutation
6) Ten of Cups: Success
7) The Hierophant: Tradition

1: Creative Influence – A strong foundation; an unexpected person ignites plans; living up to highest potential
2: Physical Influence – Cooperation & partnership that generates new ideas; time to commit; union in harmony
3: Emotional Influence – Emotionally drained; problems lie beneath the surface; time to choose a new direction
4: Mental Influence – Hanging on to the old ways; fear of change; despite resistance, change is coming
5: Spiritual Influence – Incredible energy is blocked; unable to focus on the problem; unwilling to change
6: Feminine Influence – Reconnecting to old self; security of being surrounded by loved ones; long lasting relationships
7: Masculine Influence – Keeper of tradition & wisdom; may be clinging to outdated traditions; serves but holds a high standing

This is likely to be an excellent week for our creative works, building up from a solid foundation our plans are likely to take off, perhaps even surpassing our expectations. In the realm of the material, this is a good time to form partnerships, or perhaps revitalize existing business relations as we are likely to profit from the innovations produced jointly. This week is emotionally exhausting & likely indicates that it’s time for a change in perspective, focus, &/or direction. We’re persisting in an old mode of thought that is not serving us & we are draining much of our energy in trying to keep it & force it to apply to dynamic situations, in the end this is futile, change is coming & it’s inexorable. Our spiritual energy is blocked during this time, which may relate to an internal issue that needs to be addressed, or there may be a faulty group dynamic in our chosen congregation, either way, it is a problem that we will need to resolve. The feminine influence is refinding herself & surrounding herself with loved ones, coming together in abundance & joy. The masculine influence is a keeper of traditional wisdom & one who passes along this heritage to others, though he may adhere very strictly to these tenets, even where it would not seem to be the best course at the time.

dd-sun-5-mar-2017Father of Wands: Intelligence

Today is heavily influenced by a mature, masculine figure of great intellect, though somewhat lacking in social skills. He has little to no tolerance for stupidity & weakness in others. Often has good looks & an innocent charm that may relate to his social inexperience. Bound to his constant need to learn more & more. Rich with invention, but never satisfied with the results, this is a good card for creative pursuits.

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