Sunday, March 12, 2017

WR 12 Mar 20171) [R] Four of Cups: Mixed Emotions
2) Eight of Cups: Failure
3) The High Priestess: Meditation
4) The Devil: Temptation
5) [R] Father of Cups: Fatherhood
6) [R] Four of Stones: Power of the Earth
7) [R] Father of Swords: Leadership

1: Creative Influence – New exciting options open up; new solutions; light at the end of the tunnel
2: Physical Influence – Shattered dreams; emotionally drained; giving up current success
3: Emotional Influence – Time to look inward & ruminate; step back & have faith: calm serenity
4: Mental Influence – Bad outcomes; solutions don’t work out; not considering others
5: Spiritual Influence – Insecurity & defensiveness; dishonesty; willingness to be destructive
6: Feminine Influence – Misuse of power; great energy with no direction; lacking an understanding of how things fit together
7: Masculine Influence – Conflict & selfishness; cruel intentions; pursuing the issue to ruin

This is a wonderful time for our creative endeavors, there may even be a new person coming into our lives (new correspondence, friend, lover, etc) who helps to reignite our passion & play muse for new projects. Our material situation is rather disconcerting as our success leaves us & people we depended on cancel, perhaps at the last minute, it’s all very draining, but we must step back & take a long, hard look at what led to this situation if we are to find our way out. Emotionally, it is time for us to meditate on just what it is we are feeling & the underlying meaning of those feeling, we need to trust our feeling in this matter & be assured that the answer(s) will come. We seem to be of the mind that cold hard logic will lead us to our goals, though this approach is likely to hurt others in an unnecessary way & this will not in any way advance us along our paths. Whatever we have gotten ourselves involved with spiritually is hindering our development & those we look up to in this aspect of life may not be the best people (or person) to follow, though this could also indicate that we are bringing defensive baggage to the forefront where it is destructive to the whole situation rather than constructively dealing with the problems we’re carrying around. The feminine influence has a lot of power, but no real clue where to apply it & with a general lack of understanding in her situations she is very likely to apply it in a way that will probably blow up in her face. The masculine influence is completely self-centered & pursuing his agenda through unwarranted cruelty that he takes pleasure at inflicting on others.

DD Sun 12 Mar 2017Seven of Swords: Uselessness

Today is one of confusion as everything we try to do accomplishes nothing. This could easily set us into a round of depression as we begin to feel that it matters not what we do. There is a desire for better, but we just can’t seem to find a way to get over to it. Our purpose in life is being questioned while we struggle to find our way. We feel cut off from the world & it makes everything that surrounds us mysterious. Some of us may have an upcoming change of location that isn’t comfortable to think about, much less accomplish.

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