Sunday, March 19, 2017

WR 19 Mar 20171) Two of Cups: Love
2) [R] The Multiverse: Unbound
3) Ace of Swords: Cognition
4) The Sun: Life
5) [R] Four of Wands: Perfection
6) [R] Two of Stones: Harmony
7) Father of Swords: Leadership

1: Creative Influence – Explosive period of creativity; strong family ties; cooperation & partnership that brings new ideas
2: Physical Influence – Confusing choices; unable to commit to a direction; overwhelmed & fearful of success
3: Emotional Influence – Cutting through the chaos to find the truth; clarity; directing intent
4: Mental Influence – Rewards; clarity & invention; take a rational approach
5: Spiritual Influence – Obstacles cause delays; feeling uneasy& uncomfortable; disconnection from spiritual energy
6: Feminine Influence – Not feeling whole; unable to find a way to connect with another; something isn’t right
7: Masculine Influence – Born leader; an active, forceful intellect; completes one thing to start another

This is a wonderful week for our creative endeavors, especially those inspired by or made in cooperation with another. The realm of the material is obfuscated & we’re finding it difficult to decide how to proceed from this mire of confusion. Emotionally, we’re blasting through the bs to find the truth of our feelings & those surrounding us, this is a time of great emotional clarity. We’re on top of our intellectual game this week as we know clarity of thought, innovative ideas & may even be enjoying a bit of limelight for some of our manifest thoughts. Spiritually, we feel disconnected & struggle to figure out just what the problem is that’s holding us back. The feminine influence lacks a completion, is unable to forge connections to others & as a consequence she is isolated. On the other hand, the masculine influence is inspiring, full of motivation & constantly getting things done.

DD Sun 19 Mar 2017The Fool: Beginnings

We’re moving in a wonderful direction today, exploring the fascinating mysteries around us. This is a time of joyous forward movement as our adventure begins. It’s okay to be impulsive & hesitation might create its own set of problems. We’re moving to the next phase without looking back. Enjoying a frolicking path.

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