Sunday, April 9, 2017

WR 9 Apr 20171) Justice: Balance
2) [R] Ten of Cups: Success
3) [R] The Devil: Temptation
4) [R] The Wheel of Fortune: Chance
5) Nine of Cups: Fortune
6) Ace of Stones: Abundance
7) [R] Four of Stones: Power of the Earth

1: Creative Influence – Things are being judged; fairness; align with truth & honesty
2: Physical Influence – Family disputes; loss of friends; imposing outside influences disrupt home
3: Emotional Influence – Facing light of truth; breaking free; thinking of others first
4: Mental Influence – Unwilling to take a chance; unwilling to take charge of one’s own life; wheel is stuck
5: Spiritual Influence – Victory over trials; jubilation from completion of a goal; unconditional love & well-being
6: Feminine Influence – Blissful gifts of prosperity & success; magickal outcomes based on from foundations; perfect time to take action
7: Masculine Influence – Misuse of power; lacking an understanding of how things fit together; having the power, but not the wisdom to act constructively

Our work is being judged, it’s uncomfortable, but most likely the conclusions will be fair. Family life is being disrupted, perhaps by outside forces, but there are definite clashes over differing opinions. We’re breaking free from some kind of emotional bondage this week & pulling ourselves into reality. Mentally, a change is being resisted as we’re unwilling to take a gamble on the situation. A spiritual milestone has been achieved & the atmosphere is celebratory. The feminine influence is enjoying some hard earned success & ready to move on to her next major goal. The masculine influence is having difficulty mastering the calibrated tap & is likely to use far more power than any current situation he’s involved in requires.

DD Sun 9 Apr 2017Death: Endings

Today we find new growth in place of something we let go of recently. It’s time to nurture this new growth, change is constant & we must embrace it. Be ready to move in an unexpected direction. Feeling unbound & liberated through this transition period.

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