Sunday, May 7, 2017

WR 7 May 20171) [R] Ace of Stones: Abundance
2) Two of Cups: Love
3) The Hierophant: Tradition
4) [R] Two of Swords: Peace
5) Father of Wands: Intelligence
6) [R] The Universe: Oneness
7) [R] Six of Cups: Happiness

1: Creative Influence – Wasting resources; success based on questionable practices; not appreciating our gifts
2: Physical Influence – Partnership that brings new ideas; cooperation & harmony; successful ventures
3: Emotional Influence – Rituals & ceremonies; good advice; deep connection to tradition
4: Mental Influence – Unbalanced; cheating; someone is stabbed in the back
5: Spiritual Influence – Genius; constant need to assimilate knowledge; mature pillar of the community
6: Feminine Influence – Stagnation; inner fears inspire motionlessness; unable to commit
7: Masculine Influence – Vanity & pride; selfish clinging to the past; no choice but to work hard every day

This week we are more inclined to lust after the talents of others than to put our own to good use & some of us may be faced with an ethical situation relating to this observation. Uniting forces with that of another has great potential to bring us material success throughout this time. Emotionally, we may need to follow some good advice, ritual of the heart is at play & it may mean marriage (or adoption) for some of us. Someone is breaking the rules of the intellectual game we’re playing, take care that it isn’t us. We seem to be looking up to an educated leader in the realm of spirituality, it’s likely to be a man with limited social skills, but we can learn a lot from him, or at least his ability to find the information he needs. The feminine influence is paralyzed by some inner fear that prevents her from committing to a direction. The masculine influence is lost in nostalgia, desperately trying to apply outdated rules to an entirely new situation & someone is likely to be hurt from a betrayal.

DD Sun 7 May 2017Mother of Swords: Mystery

Today may be centered on a woman of mystery. She can easily cut through whatever bs may lie before us. Her perceptiveness amazes all who speak with her, but she will run from scrutiny. Often she is absent from important events, but not always physically. Judges herself much more harshly than others & can always be counted upon to speak with complete honesty.

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