Sunday, May 14, 2017

WR 14 May 20171) Ace of Wands: Passion
2) Ten of Cups: Success
3) Seven of Stones: Failure
4) [R] Ace of Cups: Emotion
5) [R] Wheel of Fortune: Chance
6) Justice: Balance
7) [R] Seven of Swords: Uselessness

1: Creative Influence – New beginnings; aggressiveness; creation
2: Physical Influence – Reconnecting to old self; loving family & lasting friendships; success in what really matters
3: Emotional Influence – Weakness; poor emotional investments; sobbing over what seems impossible to fix
4: Mental Influence – Losing faith; emotional disconnection; frustration & regret
5: Spiritual Influence – Resisting taking charge of one’s own life; unwilling to take a chance, fear of change
6: Feminine Influence – Fairness; scrutiny; evaluating the situation honestly
7: Masculine Influence – Taking the time to think clearly; starting new plans; mystery begins to lift

This is a wonderful week for creative works as inspiration requires an immediate outlet. In the material world we are surrounded by loved ones & enjoy success in what is really important in life. Emotionally we are having a tough go of things as something feels broken & a solution appears to be beyond our grasp. Mentally, we’re stuck in yet another mire as we have succeeded in disconnecting ourselves from our emotional situation& otherwise struggle with discontent over our past behavior. In the realm of spirituality we are at a turning point, but we fear to take the plunge as our inner fears of a new situation hold us in check. The feminine influence is analyzing her situation carefully, having taken a step back for an honest appraisal. The masculine influence is pulling himself out of a previously hopeless situation & making a fresh start toward a better future.

DD Sun 14 May 2017[R] Two of Swords: Peace

Today is not likely to be a peaceful one as the balance that existed begins to tip. It’s time to take our sword from its sheath, as combat is about to begin. The probability of duplicitous actions is high as someone is out to gain from the loss of another. Any progress seen at this time will be in the wrong direction.

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