Sunday, May 21, 2017

WR 21 May 20171) [R] Daughter of Cups: Connection
2) Death: Endings
3) [R] Six of Cups: Happiness
4) [R] Justice: Balance
5) [R] Mother of Wands: Creator
6) [R] Aeon: Rebirth
7) [R] Wheel of Fortune: Chance

1: Creative Influence – Committing to projects with no real intention of working on them; selfish & idle; impulsive
2: Physical Influence – Out with the old & in with the new; cultivating new growth; liberation
3: Emotional Influence – Vanity & pride; disconnected from the present; nostalgia
4: Mental Influence – Abuse of the system; drawn out problems in arbitration; being unfair or abusive
5: Spiritual Influence – Dangerous emotions; emotional blackmail; drama
6: Feminine Influence – Fear of change; motionless; fearing loss of self
7: Masculine Influence – Unwilling to take a chance; stagnation; slowness

This is a time of false creative starts, we want to commit to various projects, but we lack the will to see anything to fruition at this time. Change is evident in our material world as new enterprise & personal growth is cultivated. Emotionally, we’re locked in nostalgia over what once was & disconnected from what is going on in the here & now. Mentally, we’re in a state to exploit any logical weakness that is found, or perhaps it is another that is doing this to us, either way the direction that is being taken is wildly unbalanced. There is someone attempting to thwart spiritual progression throughout the week, perhaps it is someone we look up to for wise spiritual counsel, or worse, it could be some of us. The feminine influence is petrified of losing what she perceives as her identity with a looming necessary change & is fighting hard to prevent it. The masculine influence is in a similar state as he fears to spin the wheel, take a chance & grasp his destiny in full.

DD Sun 21 May 2017[R] Mother of Wands: Creator

This day is likely to be influenced by a female figure who wants to make others depend on her so that she can heavily influence their behaviors. A deceitful manipulator of others, trying to power play those she has ‘in her pocket.’ Expect loads of drama during this time & attempts at emotional blackmail.

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