Sunday, May 28, 2017

WR 28 May 20171) [R] Five of Swords: Defeat
2) Two of Wands: Dominion
3) Two of Stones: Harmony
4) Death: Endings
5) [R] Strength: Confidence
6) [R] Six of Cups: Happiness
7) Ten of Stones: Richness

1: Creative Influence – Low personal energy; being turned upside down; reaching out & having that person turn harshly against you
2: Physical Influence – Worldly success; following through; jubilation on the path
3: Emotional Influence – Strong relationships; collaboration; things are moving forward smoothly
4: Mental Influence – Out with the old, in with the new; liberation; following subtle wisdom
5: Spiritual Influence – Power is used indifferently; time to meditate & reconnect to the All; overwhelmed & frustrated
6: Feminine Influence – Nostalgia; clinging to outdated things; plans & goals are unlikely to succeed
7: Masculine Influence – Wealth of loved ones; a solid foundation; success is here now, don’t get distracted

The spring of our creativity runs a bit dry this week & asking for help will not inspire the expected response. In terms of the material this is a wonderful time of success stemming from our past labors & our spirits ride high on the pride of accomplishment. A wonderful time for our emotional state, there is a sense of harmonious coexistence that eases the difficult times & makes times of joy into bliss. Our thoughts are changing, we’re seeing the issues we may have struggled with from a whole new direction & everything is clicking into place as we abandon the old, ineffective solutions for a bold new strategy. Spiritually, we should take this time to reconnect to our inner divine selves, to refresh ourselves with a purpose. The feminine influence has locked herself away in the past, preferring how things once where to how they really are now & hiding from her current situation. The masculine influence is building up from a solid foundation & knowing the good life of family & success.

DD Sun 28 May 2017[R] Six of Wands: Victory

Today we may see a competitor enjoy the limelight & that sight is likely to come with trepidation. Self doubts plague us as unanticipated delays hinder our progress. This negative perspective can easily bring everything crashing down on our heads. Bad news may be coming soon.

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