Sunday, June 11, 2017

WR 11 Jun 20171) [R] Justice: Balance
2) [R]Three of Cups: Overflowing
3) Nine of Wands: Power
4) [R] Seven of Swords: Uselessness
5) The Universe: Oneness
6) [R] Six of Swords: Science
7) Four of Swords: Truce

1: Creative Influence – Inequity, prejudice & bias; abuse of the system; shifting focus to delay
2: Physical Influence – Going overboard; excess in all things; potential severe illness
3: Emotional Influence – Inner toughness; wholeness; having been productive
4: Mental Influence – Thinking clearly; beginning new plans; mind is sharp & quick
5: Spiritual Influence – Completion; secure in the fruits of labor; energy & radiance
6: Feminine Influence – Not enough information known; facts are hidden; dig deeper into the matter
7: Masculine Influence – Period of rest; becoming whole; relief from toil

Causing delay with projects & fearing judgment of our works. There is potential for a severe illness, either for ourselves or a loved one this week & in the meantime we’re undergoing a time of overindulgence. We find an emotional strength & equilibrium having accomplished a great deal in route to this point. During this time we’re on top of our mental game, finding that we can clearly analyze the situation & formulate the next course of action. Spiritually, this is a wonderful time, as we feel wholeness & a sense of peace that comes with accomplishment. The feminine influence is struggling to find the information she really needs to proceed with her journey. The masculine influence is enjoying some respite from his labors & refreshing himself before the next ordeal.

DD Sun 11 Jun 2017[R] Nine of Wands: Power

We may see the deterioration of a previously stable position today. Bad decisions may be made during this time. The situation must be looked at very carefully, as it may require a subtle hand. A strong sense that we’ve lost the security of our former situation.

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